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February 21, 2017

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Maureen has qualifi cations and experience in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, ideo-ego dynamics, inner mind dynamics, holistic counselling, meditation and stress management. ... View School
Phone:  03 9645 3965    
Sacred Stone therapy is unique in that it combines a soulful, energetic understanding of the stones and the human bodymind ... View School
Phone:  02 9388 165    Email:  Send an email
The Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine is one of Australasia’s leading homœopathic education providers. The College is committed to the ... View School
Phone:  02 9716 8366    Email:  Send an email
Your Career Our Priority Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SITCM) is a progressive institution, established to ... View School
Phone:  02 9550 9906    Email:  Send an email
Heart-centred education in alternative healthcare. The Australian College of Vibrational Healing offers a dynamic, nourishing and cooperative learning environment, with ... View School
Phone:  03 9874 7036    Email:  Send an email
Understand how Bach Flower Remedies help manage emotions, work gently to restore balance and promote emotional wellbeing. Discover how the ... View School
Phone:  1800 357 492    Email:  Send an email
Imagine for a moment, arriving to a college where the parking is open and freely available. You enter THA College, ... View School
Phone:  1300 658 326    Email:  Send an email
Quantum Physicists and Mystics agree that the causes of physical and emotional ailments are the energetic forces created while thinking. ... View School
Phone:  02 8920 1321 or 02 4389 3691    Email:  Send an email
Victorian College of Health Care Education (VCHE) meets State Government regulations for Vocational Educational Training. It was the fi rst ... View School
Phone:  03 9553 5959    Email:  Send an email
Zen Renaissance College of Natural Therapies  Zen Shiatsu Therapy Zen Shiatsu Diagnostics Meridian Analysis Ki Healing ... View School
Phone:  02 9369 1544    Email:  Send an email
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