Lifewave – The Official NHG Lifewave Practitioner Team

The Natural Health Guide Official Lifewave Practitioner Team in Australia.

Join Lifewave early its growing fast…

Be ready for the wave and find out how you, as a practitioner, can get involved with this new energy medicine based product poised to capture many new natural healthcare users in Australia, as it has done in the USA. LifeWave is attracting many devotees who are professional sports men and woman, as well as high-level, stressed-out executives.

The Natural Health Guide is continually promoting and researching ways to make natural health available to people in their every day healthcare practises. We have been involved with LifeWave, to make available this fantastic prelaunch opportunity to qualified and trusted practitioners in Australia.

Through creating and supporting a strong and vibrant team within LifeWave, the Natural Health Guide brings with it opportunities for practitioners to learn, grow and strengthen their practices, professionally and financially. With a strong focus on your life as an already practising therapist, our team can help you bring LifeWave to your clients and intergrate it into your existing business.

I encourage you to try LifeWave Patches, experience the benefits and see how you can bring this amazing health product and opportunity to your clients and fellow practitioners.

If nothing else secure your place with the Livewave team, this the best new product to emerge for years!
Don’t be left behind, get on the wave…

To join the Natural Health Guide Official LifeWave Practitioner Team go to:
Our ID number is: 670126

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