Hot Yoga Or Not

A question constantly asked by newer practitioners of yoga in Perth is whether or not they should include hot yoga as part of their practice. Well, the first thing anyone asking this question needs to know is that there is no definitive yes or no answer. Like every aspect of your yoga practice the choice to include hot yoga is a personal one, while it is an amazing addition to the practice of some others wholly avoid it for completely legitimate reasons. Should you choose to try out hot yoga for the first time there are several things that you are going to want to know before you begin.

Before Class:

Make sure that you don’t eat any heavy meals less than two hours before your practice. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach and this is especially true with hot yoga. However, make sure that you are hydrating, during hot yoga you are going to sweat a lot, and prevention is the best defense against dehydration.

During Class:

In addition to your mat you are going to want to make sure that you bring a large towel so that you can wipe away your sweat. Nothing is worse than finally achieving a pose only to slip out of it because you are all slippery. And again, hydrate. Bring water with you to your practice so that you can quickly sip water throughout your yoga classes in Perth.

After Class:

You made it! Now drink some water. Hot yoga is meant to detoxify you body by having you sweat out all those chemicals inside and there is no better way to help it along than to add some purifying water to your body. And at this point, you are going to need to, you guessed it, hydrate!

Really, the whole lesson here is, if you want to try hot yoga, go for it. Just make sure than you are prepared. If you practice yoga in Fremantle or if you practice yoga in Melviille or anywhere you do yoga in south Perth, there are definitely classes at yoga applecross and many other yoga studios you can try. Stop in, try it out and have some fun.

We hope you found this article helpful. For friendly and professional yoga in Perth please visit the Charlie Yoga website.

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