All products listed in this website have been tried and tested by real people. People who love natural products, but also love their skin and bodies. We have seen and tested many brands, some good, some great, some pure luxury and some scary. And so we thought to share the news and our findings to help you work your way through the bottles and tubs of creams and scrubs.

The thing about cosmetics is not if you should start using natural beauty products, it’s a matter of when. You really must not take this lightly. There are many products out there that are excellent, if not very good, substitutes for the chemical based products you are used to. It was very important to me not to loose the luxury feeling of my cosmetics and face creams etc. by going natural. And now I feel totally pampered by the best natural products and the thought of using the high grade SK-II, Clinique or even Dermalogica, literally makes my skin crawl. Those chemical based products are like paint-stripper to me now. Sure they don’t look bad and they smell great, and they cost a lot, but they are really just a pile of chemical toxins which seep through your skin for your body to process.

Try counting how many different things you apply before you leave the house. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toner, moisturiser, toothpaste, deodorant, hair mousse, eyeliner, mascara, cheeks and lips and perfume. That’s 14 for me…every day, 12 when I don’t wash my hair…

Your body will need to process all those products on some level, including all the food chemicals and general air pollution. But with out freaking you out, just give your body a break as best you can, swap as many products as you can find good replacements for. The natural and organic beauty product market is growing and developing fast. That’s good news for us consumers…more choice, better products and cheaper prices.

Please read some of the articles below which I have located with studies done recently and other interesting facts. Educate yourself on what you are putting on your skin and into your body and start choosing natural products.

Take care

Bianca Rothschild
Editor – Natural Beauty Product Reviews